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The first Local Book yellow pages directory was published in Salisbury, Maryland in 1999 and the production steadily grew to 7 directories across the Delmarva Peninsula in both Maryland and Delaware. Since then our company has grown tremendously, and we now have a presence in
markets all across the United States.

We’ve been in business for over 17 years, and we know how to get results for our advertisers. If you want to get more phone calls, more leads and generate more revenue for your business, advertising in The Local Book is a perfect fit. Despite the perception that Yellow Pages is a dying breed, our advertisers are getting more calls from Yellow Pages today than they were even 4-5 years ago. It still works, and we don’t believe in moving away from something that gets results.

Your Customer. Our Next Door Neighbor.

We interact with your customers (and future customers) every day. So when it comes to advertising your business, I guess we have an unfair advantage. We’re a part of the community you serve and we want to pay it back. Let us help you get the recognition you deserve.

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Online or offline, we catch the attention of your customers wherever they are looking. Let The Local Book guide more customers to your doorstep.