3 Email Marketing Tips and Myths

Aug 22, 2014 | Email marketing

For years email marketing has been the bread and butter marketing tactic for marketing agencies, corporations, and even bloggers. Though seo, ppc, content marketing, and social media marketing all play a role in the marketing mix, email marketing is one of the most direct routes to reach potential customers and existing customers. If you have a piece of informative content to share, a promotion to market, or a thank you message to send, email marketing is the tactic of choice.

Though marketers all over the world utilize email marketing on a weekly and monthly basis, there are a few myths floating around the industry that need debunking. And that’s exactly what we intend to do today—debunk the top 3 myths about email marketing and offer some email marketing tips in the process. Prepare to be stunned.

Time to Panic if Your List of Unsubscribers Increases

Obviously you never want to see hundreds of subscribers opting out of your email list every day, but a moderate number of unsubscribers isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your business. When someone opts out, you can be 100% sure they aren’t interested in the products and services you offer or the information you present, which means you don’t want to waste time sending emails to them anyway. You shouldn’t take offense to that, because it offers you an opportunity to focus on improving your email marketing and catering your message to a shorter list of people who care. Once you narrow the list down you’ll be able to deliver content that meets the needs of your current subscriber list. Try some A/B testing to see which headlines, content, and calls to action perform best.

Increase in Email Opens Means Attracting Better Customers

You might think that “more is better” when it relates to email opens, but that’s not always the case. Research shows that potential customers are likely to take some sort of action (visiting your website, contacting your company, or making a purchase) before they open their seventh email. If an email subscriber continues opening emails for months, the likelihood decreases that they’ll ever actually purchase a product or service from your company. With this in mind, play around with your email structure a little if you’re seeing an increase in opens, but no conversions. You might consider adding high-definition images, videos, and bolded text to increase the visual appeal. Over time you’ll learn what works best for your audience of readers. This is one of the most important email marketing tips to remember.

The Shorter the Subject Line, the Better the Conversion

In truth, short subject lines can turn readers off. How you ask? Sometimes readers don’t respond well to shorter subject lines because they feel the marketer is trying to deceive them with a trendy, catchy, clever headline that doesn’t relate to the content or offer they’re presenting. Don’t ever sacrifice your audience’s interests just so you can put a short subject line in an email. Always tie everything—your content, your headline, and especially your subject lines, back to the end user. You will increase your readership and customers using this method.


You can improve the effectiveness of your email marketing by letting a few unsubscribers go once in a while, focusing more on headlines and content than email opens, and creating subject lines that will peak the interest of your audience. If you follow these email marketing tips, you’re sure to be successful with your email marketing efforts.

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