We Know What You’re Thinking: Print is Dead

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Our Print Advertisers get More Calls Today Than They did 4 Years ago

The truth is that different people, depending on the market they live in, use different mediums to decide where to buy goods and services. Yellow Pages are still widely used in many areas of the country. That’s why we continue to help businesses find more customers everyday by advertising in the Yellow Pages. Our advertisers see great returns year after year.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages will:

  • Allow you to reach customers 45 and older who use the Yellow Pages regularly and spend 3 out of every 4 dollars on goods and services in the United States
  • Take business away from your competitors who don’t advertise
  • Help you connect with the 90% of yellow page users that make a purchase within 2 weeks of viewing an ad

Client Results With Yellow Pages Advertising

A local tire company in Southern Utah wanted to know if they should still be advertising in the Yellow Pages, so we ran a test for them. After 9 months of tracking calls from the Yellow Pages and other advertising mediums, we found that 83% of their calls and new business was still coming from their ads in our print directories.

They’re Looking.
We’ll Guide Them to you.

We reach customers wherever they are searching (including the Yellow Pages) and make them pick up the phone and call.