4 Solutions to Help You Hire the Right Employees

Sep 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

Don’t let a shortage of employees keep you from investing in digital marketing services. Many small business owners feel that they’ve filled their plates too full to take on more clients. Sure, they want more customers, but they don’t have the manpower to support that kind of demand.

This is especially true with service-based industries like local construction companies, plumbers, and HVAC technicians. These and other businesses need the right kind of employees to serve an influx of customers. But finding those talented employees is an ongoing challenge.

Is this the situation in which you find yourself? If so, we have a few solutions that work well across industries to find and hire the right kind of employees for the job.

First, Make Them WANT to Work for You

Not every service job is the most appealing. Often it requires inconvenient hours and an unpredictable schedule. You shouldn’t sugarcoat over these less than attractive job details. But be sure to create a work culture of which potential hires want to be a part.

For instance, promote training that applicants can receive through your company to progress in their career. Don’t currently offer any extra training? It may be time to start! You may even want to give new hires a signing bonus as an incentive to apply in the first place.

Unfortunately, the employees you’re looking for may pass you by for another company if you don’t offer competitive benefits. Inform applicants of perks like paid-time-off, a reasonable salary, insurance/retirement benefits, and a great work environment. Give them a reason to give you a chance.

Always Be Hiring

If you need more workers to fulfill more service requests, then don’t wait until the last minute to begin recruiting. Otherwise, in your desperation to fill a position, you may pick the first applicant that comes along rather than the right applicant.

Make hiring a company priority! Let employees know that you are looking for someone to fill a position. Offer a referral bonus to any current employee who sends a good applicant your way. If you haven’t already, delegate an employee to work full-time on recruiting new hires.

If you make hiring employees a priority now, then you’ll be prepared when your digital marketing efforts take effect and start bringing in more business.

Don’t Hire Just Anyone

Again, you want to hire the right applicants instead of the first person who walks in for an interview. In a service-based industry, that means a physically capable individual with the skill set required for a particular job.

But look as well for characteristics of a loyal employee that will add to your business growth. That includes qualities such as integrity, dependability, a positive work ethic, etc.

When writing a job posting, list education and experience requirements for the job. But also list those characteristics you want in an employee that will stay with your company.

Finally, Think Outside the Box

Writing a want ad may have worked before to find employees. However, if you’re wanting your company to see exponential growth then you need to widen your horizons beyond the classifieds.

List your job on online job posting sites as well as social media. Ask your followers to share the posting on their pages to spread the work. Attend job fairs and other community events to meet qualified individuals who want to work with a reputable company like yours.

The same goes for your marketing. Your business has the potential to see enormous growth, if only you give it the chance. Follow the above solutions to find more employees so that nothing holds you back from increasing your clientele.

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