5 Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Rankings

Aug 29, 2016 | SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has the notorious reputation for being extremely complicated. Truth be told, it is…if you are trying to understand all the inner and outer workings of it. Luckily, for most people, you just need a basic understanding of how it works to make your business successful. Stick to simple SEO tips and you won’t need to know all the inner workings of search engine optimization practices.

Basically, SEO is the practice of designing your website so that search engines, such as Google, can crawl it better. Better SEO usually equates to better search engine rankings. This is important because according to Hubspot.com, the United States alone conducts 12 billion searches a month and that was in 2014. That’s 12 billion possible chances for people to find you, and the better rankings you have, the more likely you will be found.

So what exactly can you do to improve your search rankings? We have found 5 simple SEO tips that we want to share with you. These are simple but can have extremely effective results if done correctly.

1. Mobile Optimization

If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile yet, you need to do that now. Google released an update nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” that rewards websites that are mobile optimized and punishes those that don’t.

In addition, 80% of consumers use their phones to shop and 15% of all global web traffic comes from mobile searches. These numbers are only expected to grow as more and more people access the Internet through their mobile devices. Talk to your web development team today and make sure your website is mobile optimized. If not, do it now.

2. Consider Content

Of all the simple SEO tips that are out there, content is one of the most popular and one of the most effective. Customers love quality content. Not only does it attract them to your business, but search engines love it too. Search engines are constantly looking for the best content that matches what their customers are searching for. If you are sharing or creating that content, than your rankings will improve. In addition, the more original content you publish, the better chance you have of providing the information that someone else needs.

While some consider content marketing and SEO the same thing, they are absolutely not. SEO has certain requirements to be effective and content marketing fulfills those needs.

3. Keyword Planning

There is a rumor going around that using keywords for SEO is dead. Part of that is true. No longer can websites simply “stuff” an exact match keyword throughout an article. Customers don’t like it and search engines don’t either. If you are stuffing keywords, then your website will suffer.

The tip here is to use keywords but only use them naturally. You should be focusing on how best to write to your audience, and not worry so much about typing your exact keyword every chance you get. Keywords are still important because that’s how people search the Internet but stop “stuffing” your content with them. (Confused? Click here for more information about keyword use for search engine rankings)

4. Customer Reviews

You probably know that customer reviews are good for gaining new customers. But did you know that customer reviews are helpful for SEO too? One of the best simple SEO tips is to simply ask customers to leave a review. Search engines love customer reviews because they provide unique content that search engine spiders can crawl. The more reviews you have, the more unique content, and most likely, the higher the ranking.

This is especially useful if you are in ecommerce. Many times customers search for reviews of a certain product. If you have reviews on your site for that product, you have a chance of ranking higher for that search. If you are still in doubt about the SEO benefit of customer reviews, check out Econsultancy’s article.

5. Be Patient

This is perhaps the hardest of the simple SEO tips. You need to be patient. Although simple in nature, it doesn’t make it easy. Search engine rankings don’t change overnight. It can take up to several months to see any improvement but don’t give up. You will see improvement if you do everything right.

SEO is a vital practice if you want your company to be successful. Hopefully, these 5 simple SEO tips helped demystify how to incorporate search engine optimization practices into your website. Begin using them today and start your path to better rankings.

What other SEO tips have you used in the past or are using now?

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