How To Promote Your Brand

Mar 22, 2019 | Reputation Management

These days, customers read 10 reviews on average before they feel confident in a business. Such reviews often mean just as much to a consumer as a personal recommendation. There is a power behind customer reviews, but are business owners taking full advantage of these not-so-secret marketing tools?

Getting reviews alone can build great trust among your customers. Go the extra mile, though, and build awareness about your business by letting your customers do the talking for you.

Testimonials on your Website

If customers begin to trust your business by reading reviews, then be sure to have some of your best reviews on your website! You can say all you want about your professional service and invaluable expertise, but a site visitor may be more convinced once they read what others have to say about you.

Give reviews more legitimacy by including pictures of the reviewer, or even consider shooting a testimonial video that sits on the homepage of your business website. You also may want to have a page solely dedicated to customer reviews where other customers can leave reviews of their own. Show customers how much you appreciate their feedback, and see how much it increases the amount of reviews received in the future.

Sharing Reviews on Social Media

Before potential customers even visit your website, though, draw on the power of reviews on sites where customers can be found. Social media is a good place to start, with millions of customers visiting such platforms daily. Reach your target audience, even hundreds of local customers near you, and peak their interest with what another customer has said about your business.

Video testimonials especially can be great tools on social media sites. They are engaging enough to stop many social media users from scrolling past your post and informative enough for users to get a good idea about your company.

Engaging Reviews in Emails

If you have email subscribers, remind them about a new product or discounted service with help from other customers before them. Marketing emails are another fantastic avenue on which to share reviews where subscribers check messages frequently if not every day.

Think about promotional emails you receive in your inbox. Learning about a new product from a brand you love is nice, but hearing about how great that product is from someone who’s actually purchased it is even more intriguing and convincing. The same can be true for your own marketing emails.

Responding to Reviews

When 30% of consumers regard business responses as part of their influencing decision, you better be responding! But go beyond generic responses by writing personalized messages. This is another way for browsing customers to learn more about your brand and company values.

For responses to work best, be aware of new reviews and respond to them within 24 hours. That includes both positive and negative reviews. Customers appreciate the time you take to respond to their feedback and knowing that their voice is heard. But other consumers reading the reviews on sites likes Google, Facebook, and Yelp will notice how you respect everyone’s opinion and how you provide customers with the best service possible.

For help creating review accounts and keeping track of new reviews, Local 360 Media offers free reputation monitoring. With this tool, our team will watch for any incoming reviews and send you instant notifications when they are received. Contact us as well for simple setup guides for creating profiles on popular review sites.

Begin Improving Your Online Reputation

Customers’ opinions about your brand will be determined in part by what you have to say about your business. However, the customer of today also will be looking for what others have to say about you to form their opinion. Give them something to work with by sharing customer reviews freely on your website, social media channels, emails, and other online review sites where they can see how your company responds to feedback.

By using reviews to your advantage, you can begin today to improve how customers perceive you. Leave a positive impression that encourages them to learn more! For more help and insights on how to make the most of your customer reviews, get in touch with the experts at Local 360 Media.

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