Small Business Marketing Solutions for 2020

Nov 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

With the increasing number of companies and services revolving around digital media, the Internet continues to be the primary hub wherein businesses have the ability to grow through digital marketing.

While old methods of digital marketing continue to show tried and true results, new trends have emerged that can offer greater results that put your business above the rest. That’s where we come in.

Chat Boxes

While the Internet now allows businesses to reach more people through websites, social media, and online stores, the Internet also presents new marketing challenges, increased competition, and requires analysis of feedback. People may visit your online platform with questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints. Each individual expects a personalized response. This can quickly become an overwhelming, and even unmanageable task if attempted one by one. Luckily, new technology has emerged to serve this and other purposes. So you can sit back and let technology do its automated thing.

Chat boxes are automated programs that you can incorporate into your online platform, to help answer questions and resolve issues that customers may have. Unlike humans, these “robots” are cheap, consistent, and never need off-hours. This intern yields fast and helpful responses to your customers, efficient and increased business, and smooth traffic flow. No more “please hold for the next available representative” irritating both you and your customers.

Private Messaging Apps

Instant messaging apps have become the primary method of communication outside of face-to-face contact. Apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber are just a few of the most popular messaging apps you may use most frequently on your phone. Human beings have transitioned to an era of quick, easy, immediate, and constant communication.

It is precisely this, that makes investing in instant messaging software critical to the success of your website. People are accustomed to being able to send quick messages without difficulty and expect a response right away. Automated messaging applications approach your customers in a friendly way, letting them know that they are available to answer questions. Sort of like your traditional, in-store sales associate.

Apps like Paypal and ApplePay have also changed the game in reference to online business. These services that you can implement into your website, allow your customers to quickly and easily purchase products or services without any hassle. Customers are much more eager to buy when such forms of automatic transactions are available. They can make their purchase immediately, receive confirmation instantly, and move on with their day. Fast and easy is the name of the game when it comes to conducting online business.

Social Media Marketing

When hoping to gain an online presence as a small business, the best place to start is utilizing social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the most heavily visited websites on the internet. Naturally, this means they contain massive markets that you have the power to tap into.

This opens the door to larger audiences, accessible data, and the ability to communicate with customers to better understand what they want. Social media also allows for quick and easy ad creation and promotions, in which you can target your products or services to a large, specific audience who can interact with the ad. How to go about navigating this new age of digital marketing can certainly be overwhelming, but have no fear, Local 360 Media is here.

Content Marketing

While being on a digital platform is the first step to growing your business, content on the said platform is equally as important. What you post, be it written or visual, can make or break your online presence. Content needs to accurately convey your business’s mission and ideally, should give you an edge. There’s no exception to the old rule here; content is king.

Posting generic or uninteresting content online can hurt your business. Customers want to see well organized, clean-looking pages with consistently well-written, informative, and engaging content. Generally speaking, customers search for pages for specific reasons—either they are in search of a certain product or service within their area. Building a strong online presence can help your small business stand out above the rest by gaining customers who liked your website more than the competitions. And we know just how to get you there.

Traditional Marketing Methods: Yellow Pages Advertising

While this may sound archaic with the power of the Internet now at our fingertips, yellow pages have continued to be a strong marketing resource. Yellow pages are often consulted by non-internet users in need of local services or information. But more importantly, this is a market that’s ready to buy. The people who refer to the yellow pages are searching for something specific. Provide them with a clear answer and presto, you’ve got a buyer ready to go.

Yellow pages still attract millions of customers from an older demographic, who might not be so keen on Internet usage. This presents you with the golden opportunity to reach a large audience you may be missing on social media and online platforms. It’s also easy to gauge the success or lack thereof of a yellow pages ad. By offering a promotion or discount with the ad, you can quickly determine whether or not customers gravitated towards it.

Personalized Content

Although digital media and the Internet have made marketing more accessible than ever before, it has also created a fierce competition in which thousands of websites must compete for viewers and buyers. So how do we go about performing the best practices to be successful as a small business online? Local 360 Media has the answers and can provide you with the optimized content and data that will grow your website.

79% of consumers gravitate towards unique content that is specifically geared toward their search. The more you can specifically fulfill consumer searches and requests, the greater your business. In short, more “cha-ching” in the bank.

Luckily, Local 360 Media is just the agency to help you get there with tailor-made marketing strategies, data analysis, and content creation catered to your specific wants and needs. We offer FREE consultations in which we discuss how we can develop the best strategy to move your business towards skyrocketing success that’s out of this (online) world.

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